Walk of Life

My name is Dawn.

I am proud to be a teacher today who is aspiring to be a better teacher tomorrow.

Where I’ve Been, Education-Wise*:

Ages 4-18: Central Wisconsin, small city, elementary through high school student

Ages 18-23: Undergraduate Degree (state school), BS in Education

Ages 23-28: South-Central Wisconsin, smaller city, English teacher, grades 9-12

Ages 28-33: Southeast-Central Wisconsin, bigger small city, Language Arts teacher, grades 6 & 8

Ages 33-41: South-Central Wisconsin, small (big-tourist) city, English teacher, grades 9-12 (concurrent time period: Graduate Degree, private university, MA in At-Risk Education)

Ages 41-42: Southeast Texas, gigantic city, English teacher, grade 11

Ages 42-43: Southeast Texas, suburb of aforementioned gigantic city, Reading and Writing Teacher, grade 8

Age 43: Current age!  Woo-Hoo!  Entering my 21st year as a teacher!

* This list is probably not mathematically accurate due to my aversion to and confusion with numbers.  I am POSITIVE that I was 18 when I graduated, and I know FOR SURE that I am currently 43.  Take the rest with a standard deviation of 2 years, plus or minus.  See!  I have no idea what I’m talking about mathematically.  Sorry, AHS math teachers.

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